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Mill Village Farms | Bike Stand


Mill Village Farms | Bike Stand

from 10.00

Building a community one repair at a time.


Our mission for this group is to bring the community together around a bike stand. This bike stand will allow the community members with bikes that need repair to fix their bike for free.


It will also have a small instruction manual to show the people how to repair the problem they have with their bikes. This bike stand will be equipped with a place to hold your bike, tools to repair it, and a bike pump. The tools on this stand will be the most used tools for common bike problems. We will also bolt the stand to the ground and attach a wire to all the tools long enough to reach all the parts of any sized bike this will also prevent people trying to take the tools or bike stand.

Our fundraising goal for this project is $200.

Donation Amount:

We are a group of teenagers working at Mill Village Farms. We have chosen to do this project for the Entrepreneurship class. We have 9 weeks to complete this project and at the end of it we will present to the community our finished project. After that a winner will be chosen out of the 8 groups.