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8 Lois Avenue
West Greenville, SC, 29611


We help entrepreneurs start and grow their business by training them through entrepreneurial courses, relevant classes, and valuable relationships with experienced entrepreneurs and other business professionals.

Javela | Gifted Hands Artisan Soaps

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Our entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of who we are. We are privileged to work with some of the hardest-working, creative, and inspiring people. Check out their stories and businesses below!

Javela | Gifted Hands Artisan Soaps


Javela | Gifted Hands Artisan Soaps

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Javela is founder of Gifted Hands Artisan Soaps, a natural, handcrafted bath and body company specializing in small bath soap-making using high-quality, skin-loving ingredients.

Javela began her business after struggling with a hormonal health issue that fueld a desire to rid her home of unnecessary chemicals. What began as a personal need grew into a business to help others struggling with similar issues.

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Javela was part of our inaugural Business Entrepreneur Academy class. When asked what advice she would give entrepreneurs, Javela replied:

Know your why. Owning your own business is not easy. If you don’t have a clear picture of your why, when things get tough, you will quit. Get connected with other like-minded people by taking an entrepreneurship course just like the one offered at Mill Village Community. Even if you have fear, step out and pursue your dream. You won’t regret that decision. Lastly, make sure you stay connected to the one who placed the dream with in you. Trust in the Lord to lead you on your journey.