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Textile Hall's Newest Member | A Bicycle Desk

Nasha Lending

 Textile Hall member, Sherry, taking a spin on the new bicycle desk.

Textile Hall member, Sherry, taking a spin on the new bicycle desk.

A bicycle desk is a modern solution to the problems that arise with a sedentary desk job. According to Lucas Carr, an assistant professor in health and human physiology at the University of Iowa and co-author of a study on bicycle desks in the workplace, bicycle desks can reduce stress, improve cognitive functions, and decrease the chances of cancer, obesity, and cardio metabolic-diseases. While being both ergonomic and healthy, a bicycle desk is a great addition to Textile Hall.

Village wrench, a branch of the Mill Community Ministries collective that Nasha Lending is also a part of, graciously donated a one-speed cruiser for me to use.

The cruiser had spent some time stored away, as evident by the layer of dust and the many cobwebs it hosted. A quick wash with soapy water and a rag soon fixed it up nicely. Next, I worked on removing as many rust stains as I could using aluminum foil to scratch away the rust.


Next, I took apart most of the bicycle (removed the handlebars, seat, and rims), and covered the bare metal and moving parts with painters tape in preparation for painting it.

Then, I spray painted the cruiser with two layers of primer.

After letting it dry for a day, I spray painted the cruiser with two layers of aquamarine blue.

Next, with help from Village Wrench volunteers, I put the rear and front wheel of the bicycle back in place and gave it a new, more comfortable, seat. In order to add resistance, the bicycle was put on a donated bicycle trainer, and placed under a desk in the Village Wrench.