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8 Lois Avenue
West Greenville, SC, 29611


We help entrepreneurs start and grow their business by training them through entrepreneurial courses, relevant classes, and valuable relationships with experienced entrepreneurs and other business professionals.


Ecosystem and Entrepreneurship

Nasha Lending

Imagine stepping outside your front door. What do you hear? If it's nighttime in the South, you might hear cicada's. Or perhaps you're in a big city and you hear rats and raccoons going through the trash. Maybe it's the beginning of Spring and you hear birds chirping, bees flying, and the smell of flowers is in the air.

When I think about the complexity of the world, it is easy for me to be overwhelmed. The diversity of animals, plants, elements, and people is enough to make anyone's head spin. Even more amazing though is how it all works together. From bacteria and quarks to elephants and airplanes, the grand ecosystem of nature and our world keeps moving, growing, and creating in seemingly endless cycles.

On a smaller scale, throughout our community there are ecosystems for business, sports, education, and much more. These ecosystems create momentum and opportunity for the people involved; kids are developed in sports, businesses connect to other businesses, and education becomes attainable for many.

But what if you can't access the ecosystem to help you reach your goals? What if you don't know the ecosystem even exists? These are the challenges faced by many of our entrepreneurs. They have drive, passion, and a strong work ethic, but are missing the vital connection to the larger ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

Nasha Lending works to bridge the gap between entrepreneur and ecosystem. We believe diversity in experience, education, and skills will come together to make something bigger than is possible in isolation.

Textile Hall is a microcosm of the entrepreneurial ecosystem at large and an entry point into it. Entrepreneurs from many backgrounds work, learn, play, and grow together as they build businesses. 

Textile Hall is a co-work space in the Village of West Greenville and we want you to be a part. If you're someone who has a business or is looking to start a business, this is the place to do it. Come see us today and see if Textile Hall is the right place for you and your business.