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Different Personalities, One Goal - Team Village Fashion

Nasha Lending

Our team has been working hard and the pieces are starting to fall into place! My group of four youth are working on creating a product that promotes Mill Village Farms through design. We started with the task of making a t-shirt and through many brain maps to get the creative juices flowing, we also decided upon reusable bags.

We have quite the variety of personalities in our group. Bobby for example is very stylish and has a great smile and presence. She really wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. Then there is Naz who is a serious athlete (plays basketball and runs cross-country) who has some experience in creating shirts for his school spirit week. And we have Hannah Espinosa who is the most artistic of the group. She is constantly drawing and throwing out great ideas. She is also full of enthusiasm. And then we have Dion, our seasoned screen printer. He is a super hard worker and once you getting him talking or over hear him talking to himself, he is a hoot! He wants to be an engineer and has the brains to do it! 

It has been so great getting to know them in a smaller setting and learning about what drives each of them. They all add a special something to the group! 

Lately, we have been working on the budget and pitching to donors. They have all been working super hard, critiquing each other and being open to ideas. We have hit some walls with the budget for buying the shirts but it is a good learning experience of thinking through all the details of creating a product. I think having the hands on lesson, instead of just classroom theory has been extremely beneficial to the kids and to me. Learning how to lead in a way that they learn through trial and error, and letting them draw to their own conclusions has been a great learning experience for me as well as the kids. 

Some of the field trips we have been on have included going to Dapper Ink, Swift Prints, Oobe, and Anthropology.

We have shared a lot of laughs, nervousness, and growth through the process of the project. It has been quite a learning experience and it is so fun to see the wheels turning in their heads and the excitement of a product coming to life. Even when I have little energy for the day, getting to spend time in the garden or running around Greenville with my group has been rewarding and wires me for the day! I may not be a parent but I take pride in my Mill Village kids and they definitely have a special place in my heart!

 - Lauren, MVF Intern and Captain of Team Village Fashion

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