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Team Frepair - What We've Been Up To

Nasha Lending

 Team Frepair working in the Furman Library to research their project.

Team Frepair working in the Furman Library to research their project.

The first week of the entrepreneurship class was interesting and new for everyone. Most of the students didn’t exactly know what was going on; therefore, they didn’t really know what to expect. After introducing them to the process of having ideas and creating a business plan the crews’ projects started gaining momentum as interest grew.

During the past few weeks, Team Frepair has been working towards creating a low-cost and replicable free bike repair station for the West Greenville neighborhood. We began our journey by meeting with Ian Harding who is a part of the Village Wrench and is a local bike mechanic. Ian showed our crew how the bike repair station on the Swamp Rabbit Trail works and the most essential tools. After the students saw a tangible bike repair station their enthusiasm increased. We then met with Wes Whitesell, also affiliated with the Village Wrench, who helped us better make sense of all the ideas flying around.

Two weeks ago, we visited Home Depot and REI to begin to understand what we needed for the project and develop a general budget.

Our team has also frequented the Furman James B. Duke library to conduct research and come up with a preliminary design for the station. While I originally thought visiting a library would be the dullest activity we could do, the students have really enjoyed being on a college campus and utilizing its resources. This is where their ideas really started flowing, and they were able to get a clear picture of what the project would require.

While working in the library last week we were able to land on an idea to test. The design that we decided on is simplicity at its finest, but if done right, should still be visually appealing. We had previously decided to repurpose an old bike in some way to both cut costs and recycle old parts. Therefore, we are going to attempt to attach old drop bar handlebars to the side of the West Greenville bike shed as a bike stand. Below the handle bar we will have an old wheel that still spins. We will attach the tools to the wheel, so hopefully people can put their bike on the lift and access all of the tools.

This week we will begin purchasing materials and solidifying the best way to bring all of this together. 

 - Blake, Nasha Lending intern and Team Frepair Captain


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