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We help entrepreneurs start and grow their business by training them through entrepreneurial courses, relevant classes, and valuable relationships with experienced entrepreneurs and other business professionals.

Visualizing Success


Visualizing Success

Nasha Lending

It takes 21 days to make a habit. Many of us have heard this truism on more than one occasion. Seventy plus days into the New Year and many of us realize we fell off the new habit wagon long ago. Michael Hyatt suggests it takes at least 66 days or more to make a habit. You can read more about his steps to making a habit stick, but today, I want to focus on one particular trick: visualization and preparation.

Athletes are trained early on to visualize a situation and prepare for it mentally as well as physically. This takes the surprise, anxiety, and uncertainty out of your response when you’ve already prepared.

As an entrepreneur, new challenges will need to be met and new habits made on a regular basis. Life and business will throw curveballs that must be met quickly and effectively. To meet these challenges, an entrepreneur must be constantly vigilant and relentless in self-improvement. Self-improvement is an often-unmentioned skill of entrepreneurship. To succeed in an ever-changing environment, we too, need to be ever changing, growing, and adapting.

For many of us at Nasha Lending, the idea and memories of formal education were boring at best, anxiety inducing at worst. Traditional education may bring back painful memories. However, as an entrepreneur, we must find a way to adapt – even outside the mainstream solutions. After all, thinking outside the box is one of our greatest strengths!

What situation do you need to anticipate, visualize, and prepare for ahead of time? Is there a crucial meeting or pitch coming up? Are you developing a new product – what ways might it go wrong? How will you lessen the risk?